Stuttgart, Germany and Schlossplatz

One of the first places anybody who goes to Stuttgart sees is the Schlossplatz in the middle of the city.  It is the center of the city and the center of Königstrasse, the large pedestrian street that runs through Stuttgart.  It is bordered by the Neue Schloss, the arts center, the renovated stock exchange that is now a small shopping lane, and the Staatgalerie.  It is the site of many events that happen in Stuttgart.  The annual Christmas market and Wine Festival all take place on the Schlossplatz.

The place itself is not the most majestic square in Europe or even Germany.  However, it does serve as a great place to hangout and relax with friends if you ever find yourself in the auto nexus of Germany.  The lights of the fountain coupled with the ambient lighting coming from the surrounding buildings create a peaceful atmosphere for a nice summer day.  Grab a few döner kebabs or pizzas from local eateries and you have yourself a picnic.  You can drink outside in Europe so there is always the option to grab a few beers or a bottle of wine from the market at the far end of Königstrasse.

Parting Words

One of my favorite memories of this place is sitting here with my friends and just talking after a day of work.  One night we had pizza.  Another night we had some beers.  And another night we said goodbye to one of our friends.  It was a great to place to be and you can feel that everything is perfect in the world.

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