Salzburg, Austria

A view of Old Town Salzburg from Mönchsberg

A view of Old Town Salzburg from Mönchsberg

Winter in Salzburg is everything one can imagine.  White, cold, and utterly magical.  The clean snow gives the crisp air a new feeling from the moment I stepped off the train.  If there were too many adjectives in the first three sentence, deal with it.  Salzburg during Christmas time is quaint and quiet that you wouldn’t expect from a major destination.  Some people call it kitsch, but running through the snow to find shelter in Stift Nonnberg is reason enough to doubt Salzburg’s nickname as Austria’s capital of kitsch.  Sure there are ‘The Sound of Music’ references everywhere you look.  I even felt like the von Trapp family walking through the graveyard next to St. Peterskirche.  A worthwhile trek to take is to see the fortress at the top of the hill, Festung Hohensalzburg.  You might run into many tour groups and school groups taking the tour through the castle.  But, the views of Salzburg from the hill is breathtaking and one stop you shouldn’t miss.

My hostel was Yoho Hostel in a more residential area of Salzburg.  The Sound of Music played on the television in the common areas while I ate my dinner; sandwich and pickles.  There is nothing pretentious about that.  Simple, understated with Maria von Trapp singing in the background.  Just like Salzburg is.

Parting Words

Salzburg is a placed steeped in history and can provide days of sightseeing for the history buff.  For those who aren’t so interested in history, it is a great walking city and good place to stay for a rest days if you have been traveling nonstop.  If you are interested in music, there is the world-famous Salzburg Festival that happens during the late summer.

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