Soviet Era Tea Sandwiches in Modern-day Vienna

Trzesniewski is a name I never could say out loud correctly. At this tiny standing room only cafe, they serve very small open face sandwiches for a little less than a euro each. There was a small line forming out of the cafe location I went to but it went along fairly quickly. The atmosphere was fairly industrial. It seemed like I was in a Dickens novel and I, the shivering factory worker in the cold, was about to pick up my meal with the rest of the cogs in the government’s machine. The gray sky, the winter cold, and the small alley where the front door was added to the overall early 1900 industrial revolution vibe.

The food is made up of a variety of mousses made from fish, pickles, onions, tomatoes, dill, eggs, and other spices on a piece of whole grain bread that’s about 10cm x 25cm. From my memory, there wasn’t a lot about the actual food to write home about. The spreads all have some form of spice, sourness, and creaminess to them. It was good enough to snack on for a small lunch, but it isn’t a hearty enough meal to keep you full. However, I do recommend coming here for the kitsch factor alone. Where else can feel like you’ve been time-warped back to the Industrial Revolution? Plus, paying a few euros for some food and a unique experience is cheaper than other attractions in Vienna.

Parting Words

Trzesniewski is a chain store so they definitely must be doing something right to warrant more than one storefront. I certainly didn’t find what the hubbub was about. Then again, I didn’t try their soups or the bigger pastries.

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